• Permittee applications for all departments have been closed until further notice. Applications will not be accepted during this time.
  • Note: if you applied before December 1st, 2016 and wish to update your resume, qualifications, tickets etc, please email your updated information to, include your name and the department you have applied to.

Permittee Applications:

This type of application is for people who have the required skills and experience as outlined on each permittee application form (below) and who wish to acquire permittee status.

Permittee applications are now closed (see note above).

Application procedure:

Permittees who have worked for 60 days in one department under an IATSE Local 891 contract can make a membership application using the Membership Application form below.

2nd Category Applications for IATSE Local 891 Members:

IATSE Local 891 Members currently in good standing can apply for 2nd category status in another IATSE Local 891 department. There is no limit to the number of 2nd categories that can be applied for

  • Please indicate on the form that the application is for 2nd category status.
  • After working for 60 days in a 2nd category, a member may request to be made prime in that department. The request must be made in writing (an email message is acceptable).
  • There is no processing fee for second category applications.
  • Please contact the IATSE Local 891 office for a 2nd Category application form.

Classification Requests for IATSE Local 891 members:

If you are an IATSE Local 891 member in good standing, you can apply for additional classifications within the department(s) of which you are already a member of. Members, please click here to send a classification request by email.

  • For your reference please refer to the list of classifications in the of the Master Agreement (pg. 40-41).

Sister Local Applications:

This type of application is for members from another IATSE Local who wish to join IATSE Local 891.

  • Please indicate on the form that the application is for sister local status.
  • There is no processing fee for sister local applications.
  • Please contact the IATSE Local 891 office for a Sister Local application form.

Membership Applications:

Membership Application form

  • Applicants who have 60 verifiable days worked in any one (1) department on IATSE Local 891 signed productions are eligible to apply for membership.
  • Applicants who have extensive and significant work experience gained outside of IATSE Local 891, may put forward a written request for a waiver of the 60 day membership requirement. Such requests will be reviewed by the department of application, and may be referred to the Executive Board for final consideration. Please see the Membership Application form for details.
  • The current fees to join Local 891 are $880.00, and must be paid prior to initiation. This amount consists of $700 processing fee to IATSE 891, a $100 processing fee to IATSE International, and $80 to cover the dues for the current quarter.