IATSE Local 891 is committed to assisting members to maintain and improve their skills, safety, and knowledge of applicable rules and regulations, through an extensive training program.

Types of Training

  • Safety (usually 100% subsidized and available to all members)
  • Skills Upgrade Training, chosen by departments and available to primary members of the department (usually 50% subsidized)
  • Additional training may be offered and is advertised through the IATSE Local 891 eBulletin, group emails, and Kinetoscope magazine.

Available Training by Department

Please note: reimbursement of the cost of approved departmental training is not available to second category members of a department.

To view the courses and training available to primary members of each IATSE Local 891 Department, please check our Training Booklet. As the 2022 Guide is not yet finalized, please use this guide for reference purposes only, as some details may have changed.

Only active members in good standing who have worked a minimum of 30 days in the preceding three years (either on IATSE Local 891 signatory productions and/or by providing member services work for Local 891) qualify for training funds, unless they have been unable to meet the 30 day requirement as a result of absences due to disability, parental, political or educational leave. Members who have made themselves available to work through dispatch, but who have not received a call through dispatch, may access union training funds.

The 30 day requirement does not apply to the following IATSE Local 891 courses, or safety related courses:

  • Shop Steward Course
  • Anti-Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
  • OFA Level 1
  • BC Fed Occupational Health and Safety courses

To enroll in a course organized by IATSE Local 891, register on-line (login required) or email

To enroll and pay for a course not being organized by IATSE Local 891, book the course directly with the college or institution and pay the fees to them.

Training reimbursement submissions now due on a quarterly basis

In order to provide for more accurate financial tracking and reporting of Local 891 funded training, software, travel & events, the Executive Board has approved policy that requires members to submit reimbursement requests on a quarterly basis, using the same submission deadlines as are required for dues payments. This policy is now in effect.

On a going forward basis, members must submit their receipt of payment, together with any required certificates/tickets within the specified quarter submission deadlines. In order to avoid the disappointment of having your reimbursement denied, please ensure compliance with the following submission deadlines:

  • 1st quarter receipts – must be submitted by April 15
  • 2nd quarter receipts – must be submitted by July 15
  • 3rd quarter receipts – must be submitted by October 15
  • 4th quarter receipts – must be submitted by January 15.
Members who are denied reimbursement may appeal to the Executive Board, who will review and determine all such appeals. The decision of the Executive Board will be final.

If you are seeking reimbursement

  • Check that you meet the 30 day requirement. Members must have worked minimum 30 days in the last three years to qualify for reimbursement.
  • Check that the course is on the list of approved training courses in the Training Booklet.
  • Upon completion of the course, submit both the official course receipt and proof of completion to
  • For purchases in US funds please provide your credit card statement with the transaction amount in Canadian funds so reimbursement can be issued in Canadian dollars. Please ensure you black out all other personal information on the statement copy you provide for privacy reasons or the statement cannot be accepted

A reimbursement cheque will be mailed in 2-3 weeks (due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be some delay in processing reimbursements).