Residency Paperwork

Be Prepared! Provide hard copies of the residency documents required by productions when you fill out your deal memo.

When a production does not receive residency documentation (i.e. proof of residency) from employees, it is not eligible to claim the available provincial and federal tax incentives. This can represent a huge financial loss, and is problematic for the production company, the worker, and the entire BC industry.

What You Need to Know

  • Production companies can refuse to hire any member who does not provide sufficient residency documentation.
  • IATSE Local 891 will not be able to support members in a dispute with an employer if the required paperwork has not been provided.
  • Members who cannot provide the required residency paperwork may not be dispatched to work.
  • Productions vary in the residency documents they will accept. Many productions accept a copy of the Notice of Assessment, issued from Revenue Canada after taxes are filed.
  • Call the steward's office with questions about this contractual requirement.

Residency Sample

An easy way to provide evidence of BC residency is to provide a recent Notice of Assessment, provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), with all the information shown in our example blacked out. Then, make several copies which can be given to each production. Utility bills from December of the previous year are also useful documents as evidence of residency – please have copies of these available as well, if possible. Productions may also have additional documentation requirements. Please be prepared to provide what is needed.