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COVID-19 Update Centre for IATSE Local 891 members
Posted: Mar 26, 2020 13:10

In support of IATSE Local 891 members and their loved ones, the Local provides daily updates with the latest news on COVID-19 related topics (non-medical). [Learn more here]
IATSE International launches program to support vulnerable members during COVID-19 crisis
Posted: Mar 26, 2020 10:54 Updated: Mar 26, 2020 11:24

IATSE International has launched C.A.R.E.S., a program to help the most vulnerable IATSE sisters and brothers. There will be a “Buddy System”, where members in need may request that a volunteer call them as frequently as they need. It also establishes a delivery system where members in need can have a trusted volunteer deliver groceries, prescriptions, etc. within 72 hours. For this to work, volunteers are needed. [Volunteer here]
Damn Good Editors website to showcase BC talent
Posted: Sep 18, 2019 11:04 Updated: Mar 04, 2020 14:11

BC’s film editors have emerged from their editing suites to take the spotlight as the Damn Good Editors that they are. You can meet them – they’re a pretty interesting bunch -- see all the cool projects they’ve worked on, and check out why it makes total creative sense to work with them at [Damn Good Editors]
IATSE 891 Supports new Global Pact on Sustainable Action
Posted: Dec 02, 2019 10:52 Updated: Mar 04, 2020 14:11

The professional artists and technicians of IATSE 891 are immensely proud to have been an early endorser of the Creative Industry Pact for Sustainable Action (the Pact). PACT is an agreement to inspire all in the creative industries, across the globe, to work together for a more sustainable future. The world economy must pivot away from fossil fuels and resource depletion to mitigate the risks posed by climate change, and create a cleaner and more equitable home on Earth. The creative industries can lead the way through collaboration on common goals. [Details]
Recruitment, training and retention -- key factors in success of BC motion picture industry
Posted: Dec 13, 2019 16:45 Updated: Dec 13, 2019 16:50

A new workforce report predicts robust industry growth and recommends continued recruitment initiatives and career pathway development for the skilled motion picture workforce. [Read the report]