Report Unsafe Work

Safety is Your Right!

You are required to refuse work that you believe may harm you or someone else. Section 3.12 & 3.13 of the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations says that you cannot be fired or disciplined for refusing unsafe work.

You also have the responsibility to ensure that safety is in place for yourself and others who may be affected by your actions. You can be held liable if you do not work safely.

There are several ways to report unsafe work.

  • Talk to your production shop steward or your supervisor. Be specific about the unsafe condition.
  • If you are satisfied that the situation has been remedied, you can continue working.
  • If you believe that it is still unsafe to work, your supervisor must continue to investigate in your presence and with a worker representative from the Joint Health and Safety Committee (or a co-worker if not available).
  • If the issue is not resolved, your supervisor and yourself must notify WorkSafeBC. An officer will investigate and take any necessary action.
  • If you are concerned about possible reprisals as a result of reporting, you can use our anonymous hotline by calling 604-298-3450, or clicking here.

New Regulations Around Refusing Unsafe Work

Starting August 22, 2022, WorkSafeBC implemented amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety regulations concerning a worker's right to refuse unsafe work.

Employers are now forbidden from requiring or permitting other workers to do work refused by another worker unless:

  • The safety matter has been resolved, or
  • Subsequent workers are advised in writing of any unresolved work refusal made in relation to assigned work.

Contact for any questions or concerns you have regarding safety and refusing unsafe work.


  • IATSE Local 891 non-emergency anonymous hotline 604-298-3450
  • WorkSafeBC Emergency & Accident Reporting: 1-888-621-SAFE (7233) (Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) 1-866 WCB-HELP (922-4357) (toll free - after hours)
  • Actsafe: 1-888-229-1455 or 604-733-4682 Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Studio hotlines

  • Amazon Studios - (888)-700-6798
  • Amblin Partners - (818)-733-6500
  • Apple Studios (24hrs) - (855)-635-7708
  • CBS Studios (24hrs) - (818) 655-6078
  • Disney/ABC/Touchstone Television - (818)-560-7391
  • FX Productions/20th Television - (818)-560-7391
  • HBO/HBO Max (24hrs) - (877)-742-3044
  • Legendary Entertainment (24hrs) - (818)-940-2220
  • NBC/Universal (24hrs) - (818)-777-2153
  • Netflix - (844)-222-1739
  • Paramount (24hrs) - (323) 956-8955
  • Sony - (888) 883-7233
  • Warner Bros. - (818) 954-2890