Professional Crews, Professional Results

Producers of film and television productions at all budget levels know that IATSE Local 891 members deliver exceptional quality at a reasonable cost. Crews work smart and work safe, allowing producers to maximize the dollars they put on the screen.

British Columbia is a full production centre, with an amazing diversity of mind blowing scenery suitable for almost any setting or scene. Creative BC provides tax credit and location information, and can introduce you to BC's incredible "World of Looks".

Please select one of the sublinks to view IATSE Local 891’s contracts and rates, complete a production summary form, and request login access to the member database.

Producers with login access can search our crew database for available crew members, retrieve resumes we have on file, and access IATSE Local 891’s current production summary, which lists all the productions and department heads currently working with IATSE Local 891.