IATSE Local 891 is committed to careful financial stewardship, and endeavours to keep dues to a minimum while maximizing member services.

Members pay two types of dues:

  • Annual dues
  • Working dues

Non-Members who are permitted to work under an IATSE 891 contract pay working dues.

Annual Dues

  • These are currently set at $320 per year or $80 quarterly -- they have not been raised since the early 1980s.
  • Members who pay in advance for the year receive a 10% discount (for a total of $288). Deadline details below.
  • Please note: if applicable, any money paid is first applied to administration fees for non-payment or late payment of dues that have been incurred.

Working Dues

Are 2% of any money earned on an IATSE Local 891 signatory production. These dues are paid directly to IATSE Local 891 by the payroll company.

Dues Deadlines

Quarter Amount Due Overdue
1st $80 Jan. 1 April 15, 5 p.m.
2nd $80 April 1 July 15, 5 p.m.
3rd $80 July 1 Oct. 15, 5 p.m.
4th $80 Oct. 1 Jan. 15, 5 p.m.

Your Dues Account

Members can check to see if they owe any annual dues, or to see if a dues payment has been credited to a dues account, by visiting the dues section of their personal profile.

Ways to Pay

Online: Payments may be made with a VISA or MasterCard. Click here to go to the online dues payment page.

In person/by phone: Call or visit the IATSE Local 891 office (office hours Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. - 5 pm.).

Pay by cash, Interac, VISA or MasterCard, cheque or money order.

Please note: If a cheque bounces due to insufficient funds, IATSE Local 891 is charged by the bank. In such cases, a $30 fee is applied.

Non-Payment of Dues

It is important to pay dues on time, there are serious consequences of not paying before payment is overdue. These include:

  • Late payment administration fees
  • A loss of seniority for dispatch calls

Suspension of Your Membership

  • Members who are in arrears (the dues were not paid by the overdue deadline for that quarter) for three months will be sent a notice of suspension. If outstanding dues are not paid within 10 days of receiving the notice, the member will be deemed suspended.
  • Suspended members are not able to work until all dues and administration fees have been paid. If a member has been hired directly by the production, he or she may be removed from the show.
  • All benefits will be suspended except for access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).


  • Members who are in arrears for six months, will be sent a letter of expulsion. If outstanding dues and administration fees are not paid within 10 days of receiving the notice, the member will be expelled and benefits that were suspended will no longer be available.
  • If an expelled member wants to be a member again, the following costs will be incurred:
    • Any outstanding dues
    • Cost of stamps to the International -- currently $58.00 per quarter
    • $700 reinstatement fee

Non-Payment Due to Illness or Injury

IATSE Local 891 has a medical leave policy to assist members who are unable to work for reasons of a verifiable illness or injury. Please visit our medical leave page for details.

Consider Honourable Withdrawal

Members who are not working, and do not expect to work for some time, may wish to consider honourably withdrawing from membership. This is a better option than falling into arrears which may end in suspension or expulsion. For details, visit leaving active membership.

How Dues are Spent

IATSE Local 891 has standing obligations to the following organizations:

Payment per member Per quarter Total Annual Cost*
Quarterly stamps to IATSE International $58.00 $232.00
BC Council of Film Unions $13.80 $55.20
Actors Fund $4.00 $16.00
BC Federation of Labour $2.46 $9.84
IATSE District 12 Per Capita $1.75 $7.00
*As of March 2021
Total payments per year made on behalf of each member by IATSE
Local 891 - $320.04

Additional dues collected are used to fund the operation of IATSE Local 891, including the following:

  • The administration of the Presidents’ office and the IATSE Local 891 office
  • The administration of the Business Representatives' office and work performed to attract productions to BC
  • The Senior Steward's office, which monitors and enforces contracts and safety
  • Contract negotiations
  • The Dispatch department
  • Membership skills training
  • Training and Actsafe training reimbursements; the administration of the IATSE Local 891 training program
  • WorkSafeBC advocacy work
  • Membership and member departments administration
  • Member RRSP administration
  • Marketing and promotions