Loan-out Corps

WorkSafeBC Coverage

IATSE Local 891 members who operate through a loan-out company are recommended to confirm their company's status with WorkSafeBC before beginning work on a production.

Production companies may require proof of either the corporation's registration with WorkSafeBC or proof that WorkSafeBC deems a member to be a "worker" and therefore covered by the producers' WorkSafeBC coverage, before hiring a worker through their loan-out company. This proof may take the form of either a Clearance Letter (stating that a loan-out company is registered with WorkSafeBC) or an Exemption Letter (stating that the loan-out company is not required to be registered with WorkSafeBC).

A corporation's status can be determined by completing WorkSafeBC's Motion Picture and Television Industry Company Registration Form. Only WorkSafeBC can determine the appropriate status.

A response from WorkSafeBC may take 2 - 3 weeks. More information is available here. All inquiries should be directed to WorkSafeBC.

Additional Documentation Requirements

Along with WorkSafeBC and residency documentation, productions may require a copy of a loan-out corporation’s Schedule 50 from the corporation’s most recent tax year.

Please note: Productions appear to be steering away from employing multi-shareholder corporations because they are not able to benefit from the full tax credits available when they employ single shareholder corporations.