Membership is a Multi-Step Process.


To join IATSE Local 891 applicants must have the required skills and experience. Applicants considering a career in this industry are encouraged to research what it takes to succeed in the area that they are interested in, talk to people who work in the industry, and take introductory courses. There is information on education and careers in the motion picture industry on the Creative BC website. Becoming a member of IATSE Local 891 is something to be aimed for; it is not the first step in a career in the motion picture industry.

As well as obtaining relevant tickets and certifications required for the department being applied to, applicants may need to have experience on film and television productions, commercials, in theatres, or other related work in the entertainment industry.


Applicants with the required qualifications can apply to become a permittee of IATSE Local 891. If no members are available to fill a vacancy on a production that has signed an agreement with Local 891, permittees may be offered the work.

A permittee does not pay annual dues, and does not have access to the full benefits available to members. However, permittees do pay working dues, and are fully represented by IATSE Local 891 as a bargaining agent, and for the purposes of contract enforcement. Permittees need to pay careful attention to the IATSE Local 891 availability and dispatch procedures and learn what to do before starting a job.

Please see the Permittee Applications page for information on applying as a permittee.


Current members of other IATSE Locals can apply for sister local status with IATSE Local 891. Sister local members are dispatched to work after primary and second category members

Please see the Sister Local Applications page for the sister local status application form.


Once permittees have reached the current requirement of 90 days working under an IATSE 891 agreement within one department, an application for membership can be made. If the application is accepted, and following initiation into the Local, the full range of benefits offered to members will be available. In order to maintain good standing, members must pay annual dues on time, and are expected to abide by the constitution and bylaws of Local 891.

Please see the Membership Applications page for the membership form.


IATSE Local 891 members in good standing can apply for 2nd category status in other departments. There is no limit to the number of 2nd categories that can be applied for, and being a member of multiple departments may increase work opportunities within the Local. Members who have 2nd category status are called by dispatch after members who have prime status in the relevant department / classification.

Please see the 2nd Category Applications for Iatse Local 891 Members page for the 2nd Category application form.