Membership Applications

Applicants who meet the requirements as stated on the attached Membership Application form, may apply as follows:

Membership Application form

  • Please read the general requirements stated in the Membership Application Form (above). The application is a fillable PDF form. For help on completing PDF forms, please click here.
  • Please email your completed form to We prefer to receive emailed applications but you may also print the completed form and then fax, mail, or hand-deliver it to the union office.
  • The current fees to join IATSE Local 891 are $880.00, which must be paid prior to initiation. This amount consists of a $700 processing fee to IATSE 891, a $100 processing fee to IATSE International, and $80.00 to cover the cost of dues for the current quarter.
  •  Applicants who do not meet IATSE Local 891 membership requirements, but who can provide proof of having recent, extensive and significant motion picture experience gained outside of Local 891’s jurisdiction, may request consideration of their non-Local 891 experience for the purpose of obtaining membership in Local 891.
  • To request consideration of a membership waiver, an applicant must provide:
    1) A cover-letter supporting the reasons why a membership waiver should be considered
    2) A completed Local 891 permittee application for the department and classification (Link)
    3) Copies of all required tickets and certifications as noted on the permittee application
    4) A current resume
    5) Minimum of three Employment letters providing verification of non-Local 891 motion picture work
    6) A completed Local 891 membership application (Link)
    7) Copy of completion of “Actsafe Safety Awareness” Workshop (Link)

    Applicants requesting consideration of a membership waiver should provide all of the above documents to