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Important information for all On-line Grip Department Applicants who have not yet been approved for permittee status in IATSE Local 891.

Applicants who have already received notification of being approved as Grip Permittees may disregard this message.

October 11th, 2019

Due to a recent change in our permittee application process, we are providing this notice to applicants who have previously applied on-line to our Grip Department.

Should you need to communicate additional or updated information, such as your resume, certificates, tickets, and work verification information (PDF Format preferred), please take note that you must now forward that information by email to

When submitting this information, please ensure that you have included your full name and also note that it is the Grip Department you have applied to.

Please also be aware of the following:

The time-line for the application review process is contingent on our productions' needs for crew, and only those with complete applications, having met all application requirements, will be considered for permittee status.

All applicants should be aware that at times when daily crewing requirements exceed the existing departmental rosters, the Senior Steward may authorize the dispatch of applicants who have not yet received permittee approval. This means that although you may not be currently approved or classified as an IATSE 891 permittee, it is still possible that you may be contacted by our dispatch office with an opportunity to work. Dispatch calls are usually on very short notice, with no guarantee of hours or future work.

To prepare yourself for the possibility of receiving a call to work from dispatch, we strongly recommend that you read through and become familiar with the following information provided on the IATSE Local 891 website:

Availability and Dispatch
Start Packs and Deal Memos
Residency Paperwork

You are welcome to email questions pertaining to your application to

Thank you for your interest in IATSE Local 891.